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   - PEI Marathon Runners
   - Student Ambassadors for International Interview Day
   - Animal Welfare talks at AVC October 16 & 17
   - Clinical Conference - Wednesday, October 18th

*PEI Marathon Runners:*

Hello PEI Marathon runners!!!

The Wellness Committee would like to help cheer you on during your race on Oct
15th!! If you are planning to run in any leg of the race and you want to
have your own cheering section, please email Amanda Youngblood at
ayoungblood at upei.ca and tell her what run you will be participating in
(5km, 10km, Half or full Marathon). For those of you who are not
participating but want to show off the spirit of AVC, you are more than
welcome to be a part of the cheer team- you can also contact Amanda for the
details. Good luck to all runners!! Cheers!!

*Student Ambassadors for International Interview Day:*

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, AVC will be conducting interviews with
international applicants for the AVC class of 2022.  This opportunity is
open to all AVC students and we are recruiting at least 27 ambassadors.

The day will be busy as applicants will be interviewing, touring the
school, and completing the Work and School Approach and Behaviour Test.
Lunch for everyone will be provided at the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall.
Representatives from the Registrar's Office or the Financial Aid Office
will be available throughout the day.  Dr. Keefe and Dr. Lamont will also
conduct a Q&A session in the morning and afternoon.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the form here
<https://goo.gl/forms/HOjX33r33LBYAiKn1>.  Dr. Lamont will provide a pizza
lunch on Friday, November 10 at 12:30 pm in Lecture Theatre A to provide an
overview of the process and answer any questions you have. If  you can't
make the lunch but can commit from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm on Saturday, November
18, we would welcome you to participate.

If you have not given tours of the College or need a refresher, Janice
MacWilliam will offer training the week prior to Interview Day for anyone
wanting it.

*Animal Welfare talks at AVC October 16 & 17:*

The Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre at the Atlantic Veterinary
College, UPEI, is pleased to host eminent animal welfare scientist
Professor David Mellor, University of Massey, New Zealand, in October. During
his visit, Dr. Mellor will give a public lecture entitled “Thriving, not
merely surviving: A fresh perspective on animal welfare” on Tuesday,
October 17, at 7:00 pm, in Lecture Theatre A, Atlantic Veterinary College,

Dr. Mellor will look at both negative and positive emotions in animals and
how these emotions affect behaviours. He will offer a fresh perspective on
animal welfare management through promoting positive states and minimizing
negative ones, and consider the interaction between them. Much of his
pioneering and well-recognized work in the field of animal welfare is on
animal emotions and behaviour, and the promotion of positive welfare states
in companion animals, farm animals, and others.

This lecture is part of AVC’s annual community workshop series.

*Schedule of talks he will be giving:*
*Monday, October 16*
*12:30–1:20 pm **Development of survival-critical behaviours in newborn
mammals * (AVC lecture theatre A)
*- po*stnatal onset of behavioural flexibility in groups of young with
different levels of brain maturity at birth; q*uestions related to fetal
and  neonatal consciousness and implications for the welfare of various
groups of mammals; pre and post-hatching consciousness in birds*

*4:00**–5:30 pm  I**ntroducing breathlessness as a significant animal
welfare issue *(AVC lecture theatre A)
*- types of breathlessness; breathlessness in equine athletes & in
brachycephalic dogs; breathlessness & euthanasia methods*

*Tuesday, October 17*
*10.30-11.20  The Five Domains Model for Animal Welfare Assessment *(AVC
rooms 286A/287N)
*- scientific foundations of the Model; primary purposes, misapplications
and appropriate applications; uses in research teaching and testing*

*7:00-8:30 pm  Thriving, not merely surviving: A fresh perspective on
animal welfare  **(AVC* theatre A)

Dr. Mellor's fields of expertise are animal welfare science, regulation and
management; applied physiology; bioethics; and fetal and neonatal
physiology and welfare.

*Clinical Conference - Wednesday, October 18th:*

*Clinical Conference VHM 411*
*Location:  Lecture Theatre A*

Time:  8:30 am
Presenter:  Emily Millching
Topic:  Acquired Patent Urachus in a 12 day old foal

Time:  8:45 am
Presenter:   Dominique Comeau
Topic: Chronic lameness in a 6 year old mare

Time:  9:00 am
Presenter:  Meredith Chamberlain
Topic:  The Veterinarian's Role in the Welfare of Working Equids

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs
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