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Karen Roche kroche at upei.ca
Mon Oct 30 13:26:34 ADT 2017

Hey everyone!

Information regarding
ifi from the UPEISU.

As many of you have probably experienced we have been having increasing
issues with the internet at AVC and campus wide. At the council meeting
last night this topic came up and I have an update for you. Some background
information: when UPEI first bought their wifi system only administrators
were using it and it was therefore compatible for about 800 people. Since
then, they have opened the system to students, and have been slowly adding
to it over the years. Currently the system receives around 2,200 hits per
day, thus the issues we are experiencing. President Alaa and the Board of
Governors have been made aware of the issue and are currently working to
resolve the problem. Phase 1 has already been initiated by buying 75 new
access points and an increase of 200MB in band width. The effects of this
should be able to be seen within the next week. Phase 2 is a long term plan
that involves having a professional from New Brunswick come and evaluate
the system. After the evaluation the system upgrade could cost millions of
dollars and must therefore be budgeted in and planned for. If you have any
questions please don't hesitate to contact me (dvm at upeisu.ca)!

Thank you,
Samantha Begin
UPEISU DVM Representative
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