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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! We would to thank everyone for their nomination and interest
in the AVC community. Listed below are the candidates running for each
position. You can access voting through campus login. The polls will open
today at 2 pm and close Tuesday, September 5th at 5 pm. We encourage
everyone to go vote, as these people will be representing you throughout
your time at AVC.

There are a few positions that remain open. These include the SAVS Social
Director and Class of 2019 Secretary. If you are interested in either of
these positions contact us at savs at upei.ca. These roles are a great
opportunity to develop skills beyond the DVM curriculum and enrich the AVC
community, as well as your own experience.

Enjoy the long weekend,
Your SAVS Team

*2017 Fall Elections*

*SAVS Electoral Candidates*

*SAVS Treasurer*

 1)     José Leon

I would like to apply for the SAVS Treasurer position. I have a bachelor
degree in accounting (University of Valle - Cali, Colombia) and I'll be
more than happy sharing my financial skills with the SAVS.


José Andres Leon
DVM Candidate 2021

*Class of 2021 Electoral Candidates*


1) Marco Duguay & Patrick Belliveau

My name is Marco Duguay. In 2017 I completed my Biology degree at Dalhousie
University. I always try to be a friendly, open individual and think that
it is my most valuable trait as a leader. I was involved in student
government all throughout grade school, including being vice-president of
my student body in grade 11 as well as president in grade 12. I attended
the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Weyburn SK which taught me
important leadership skills and changed the way I view student government.
I've always found extra curricular activities to be an important part of a
balanced lifestyle. Being a voice for the class of 2021 sounds like the
perfect way to spend my free time!

My name is Patrick Belliveau I’ve spent my last four years at Dalhousie
Agricultural campus, studying pre-veterinarian medicine, and Aquaculture.
During this time, I was a representative on their student body union DASA.
For the last two summers, I’ve worked in BC on a salmon farm as a fish
Health Technician. Although aquatic medicine seems to be the direction I’m
taking career wise, I also have a passion for large and small animal
medicine. As your co-president, I will try my hardest to creating a
welcoming, and supporting community.

*Vice President*

1) Hannah Porter

My name is Hannah Porter and I am from Kuna, Idaho. I have a 1-year-old
boxer/pitbull mix named Otis, and a 12-year-old paint horse named Whitey.
In my free time, I love riding my horse, hiking, traveling, and hanging out
with my friends and family. I believe that I am qualified for the vice
president position of the class of 2021 executive team because I have a
vast amount of leadership experience. During my undergraduate years at the
University of Arizona, I dedicated two years to the executive board of the
Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventure (VIDA) Club. During
my two years as an officer of this club, I spent a year as vice president
and the following year as president. It was my duty to plan a two-week
volunteer trip to Central America to work with veterinarians in providing
free spay and neuters to the pets of impoverished communities. I was also
in charge of recruiting students to sign up for the trip as well as help
raise money to cover the costs of the students' trips. As the club
president, I ran meetings and planned exciting training activities to help
pre-veterinary students practice skills such as giving general exams to
animals, placing IV catheters, intubating, and suturing. Aside from VIDA, I
spent my free time as a peer mentor for the College of Agriculture and Life
Science. I also was a team leader for an entrepreneurial and management
organization where I worked with a team to design a product and create a
business plan. Thanks to these positions, I gained a great amount of
experience in public speaking, fundraising, and event planning. I love
working in a team and bringing groups of people closer together. I hope I
get the chance to dedicate my skills to the class of 2021 executive team!

2) Nicole MacEachern


My name is Nicole MacEachern and I would like to run for SAVS Vice
President for the class of 2021! I am from a rural community in Cape
Breton, Nova Scotia and enjoying spending my free time at the barn with my
horse Storm, watching Netflix or going for a jog. I would make a good SAVS
Vice President for the Class of 2021 because I love meeting new people and
listening to the ideas/concerns of others while striving to make this
school year the best it can be. I feel that I am approachable and friendly
and would be a person that my fellow classmates could feel comfortable
talking to. I am a confident public speaker, enjoy working within a team
and have good organizational skills. During the short time that I have been
at the AVC I have noticed the family mentality that is at the school and
would like to help my fellow classmates feel welcomed into this community.
The experience I have from siting on the executive of the County Line 4-H
Club as Vice President and President will help make me an effective Vice
President. I am excited to meet everyone in our class and spend the next 4
years together on our journey to becoming veterinarians!


1) Abbey Martin

My name is Abbey Martin and I am from Middle Sackville Nova Scotia and I
would love to be this years treasurer for the class of 2021! During my free
time I love being outside, reading a good book or watching Netflix of
course. I did three years of my undergrad at the Agricultural campus for
Dalhousie University, in Truro. Throughout my time at the AC I was involved
in many clubs and committees as normal club members as well as executive
members. What I loved the most about being involved on campus was meeting
new people and collaborating with my classmates. I believe that I would be
a good candidate for this position due to my previous experience of being
the Treasurer for my House Council as well as my strong organizational
skills. I look forward to getting to know you all better and I can't wait
to see what the next four years holds for us all!



*Social Representative*

1) Chantel Doyle

Hi everyone,

My name is Chantel Doyle and I am interested in becoming the Social
Representative for the AVC Class of 2021. Like most of us who are accepted
into this program, it was a challenging road to get here. So now that it
has happened I think its time to let our hair down a little and enjoy the
next 4 years as we become doctors! The veterinary medicine is super cool,
don't get me wrong, but the social aspect of school is also important to
our sanity; making longterm connections with our peers, having outlets for
our stress and having a happy environment to work in every day. I am
organized, personable and genuinely excited to be part of AVC and I want to
share my excitement with my peers, especially those who may be a little
more shy and hesitant to get out there and meet new people. As social rep,
the opportunity is there to make this a fun year for everyone!



2) Jessica Robinson

How about a group trail ride or perhaps a group yoga session is more your
thing? If elected the Social Rep for our class, I will be committed to
coming up with new and fun ideas for us to explore a variety of our mutual
interests together.  To touch on what Cody mentioned today, we are a great
group of people and within a few days we already feel like a family: a team
that genuinely cares about the well-being of each individual member of our
class.  I would like to foster and strengthen that amazing connection we’ve
made with each other as the Social Representative of Class 2021.



3) Emily Rose


My name is Emily Rose and I am interested in the class social
representative role for the Class of 2021.  I believe I would be a good
candidate for this position because I love getting people together and as
the class of 2021 is a new group of people who will be spending a lot of
time together over the next four years, I think this position is super
important.  I would love to be the person who gets the class involved
within the school as well as have the ability to offer social activities to
give everyone a break from the hard course load.  I truly believe this
would be such a fun role to be put into and I really want to be apart of
this committee to allow myself and others to take a load off and mingle! I
am a very outgoing person who loves to organize and plan events and I think
this would be a lot of fun to be apart of!



*Sports Representative*

1) Cody Bourque

Hi Everyone,

My name is Cody Bourque and I’m from Saint John, NB for those I have yet to
formally meet. I’m looking to run for Sports Representative because I
believe it provides me the best opportunity to help the Class of 2021
maintain a balanced lifestyle for the next four years. Although, I may not
hold the position that long, the routines we establish early on will help
us continue into the future. If elected I plan on talking extensively with
the class to plan and execute weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly events, that
allows everyone interested to step away from their studies and enjoy being
active. During my undergrad I was one of the founding executive members in
the Science, Applied Science, and Engineering society, therefore I have a
significant amount of experience planning events to better the student
body. I also found that playing football and volleyball was what I
personally needed to refresh my mind and prepare myself for a late night
study session.

Thanks for your time,


*Fundraising Representative *

1) Liz LeGay

Hello classmates of AVC 2021! I’m running for your Class Fundraising
Representative. I have a lot of experience working with a budget, planning
events, and ensuring that they run smoothly.

Last year I was the manager for my campus pub, and gained lots of
experience organizing different events including our Woodsmen Homecoming
weekend, which involved event planning for over 400 people. Through this
position I gained experience working with a budget and also learned how to
maximize profits from event ideas.

            This summer I also gained more planning experience while
organizing the Orientation Weekend for the Dalhousie AC campus. This
required working with a budget and collecting ideas from the planning
committee and then organizing the logistics of the weekend, hiring
catering, organizing O-Leader volunteers, obtaining materials and equipment
and being the point of contact for the event.

            I think I would be the ideal candidate for the Class
Fundraising Representative because I enjoying working as part of a team to
carry out a plan and I have experience coordinating large groups of people.
I have lots of experience running events that are both popular and
profitable, and I would love the chance to carry out your ideas for

*2021 SAVS Representative*

1) Samantha Mershson

Hi guys! I am incredibly excited to be running for the SAVS executive
position of class representative for our class of 2021. This seems like a
fun position that very well encompasses my skill set. I am very open and
easy to talk to I’m always willing to hear what people have to say. This
makes me a good candidate as a delegate for our class in both the school
and the community. This is strengthened by my experience in small schools
and previous leadership positions. I am able to represent all our
collective wants and ideas without biasing my own, and I have a keen
attention to detail allowing for me to easily plan and coordinate events. I
want to make sure our class has a strong voice within this society. I want
to make our time here as fun and exciting as possible, and I look forward
to enjoying the next four years with all of you.

2) Kelly Yoo

My name is Kelly Yoo and I would like to nominate myself for the SAVS Rep
for the class of 2021. Here is little blurb of myself:

Hello everyone,

My name is Kelly Yoo, and I would like to represent our class of 2021 as a
SAVS representative. Since my undergraduate degree, this is the 7th year of
me being in university, and I would like to say that I have a great
understanding of how a school can impact students’ wellness. Many of you
probably had experienced emotional and physical ups and downs trying to get
into AVC. I know because I certainly had mine. First, I decided that I
would like to become a vet only three years ago (had my career crisis
during the fourth year of my undergrad) and second, as an English as a
second language student, I took GRE more than five but less than ten times.
It was tough. Through these transitions I’ve learned to keep a smile on my
face, stay positive and keep my stress low. If I get elected as a SAVS
representative, I can offer what I have learned from my experience to help
each other in surviving the first year of vet school. As a voice of class
of 2021, I will be a liaison that is available at any time for any concerns
or suggestions to be brought up to SAVS committee to keep our life at AVC
healthy and happy.

Thank you.

3) Courtney Abbott


I would like to be considered for the position of Class of 2021
Representative on SAVS. I believe that I would serve as a great
representative because I am organized, punctual, and I do no procrastinate.
I will try my hardest to communicate with my classmates through email/class
announcements/social media effectively so that nobody feels out of the loop
or excluded in regards to events happening around AVC. I will send
communications early so everyone has time to plan their schedule around
events if they want to attend, but also will not annoy everyone with a
constant stream of emails! My strong organizational skills will also prove
beneficial with organizing our duties regarding AVC Open House. AVC has a
lot to offer and I believe I can help communicate that to my fellow
classmates if voted as Class Representative! Thank you!

4) Samantha Begin


My name is Samantha Begin and I would like to be a candidate for the SAVS
Class Representative for the class of 2021.

We all have worked extremely hard to get to AVC and are still trying to
discover the possibilities that lie ahead of us. I believe that I have the
qualities necessary to provide the opportunities for us all to realize
those possibilities as class of 2021 SAVS rep. Some of these qualities were
achieved throughout my undergrad at UPEI as the first year rep and
president of the pre-vet society. Working with the pre-vet society's
executive I was able to collaborate with SAVS and help organize fundraisers
for both the AVC classes and society. As the class of 2021 SAVS
representative it would be my goal to continue to collaborate with the
pre-vet society, communicate the class of 2021's concerns and needs to the
SAVS executive, and bring new and innovative ideas to the society. Best of
luck to everyone this year! I look forward to getting to know each of you
better and hope to be your SAVS representative.

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