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SAVS is going to rerun elections from Monday until Wednesday at 5pm. The
elections will be conducted through SurveyMonkey. All AVC students must
vote for the positions on the SAVS executive. The link for that survey is
in this email as well as on the SAVS Facebook page. There will be separate
surveys for the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 with the survey links
posted to the class Facebook pages. Please vote! It is important we fill
these positions so that events can be organized for everyone in the AVC
community. If you have questions, need a survey link or have problems
voting please contact us by email(savs at upei.ca). The candidates and their
blurbs are listed below.

Thank you,
Your SAVS Team

*SurveyMonkey Link*
AVC Students: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MZX8X3M

*SAVS Executive *

*SAVS Social Representative*

1) Chantel Doyle

My name is Chantel Doyle and I would be honoured to be elected as the SAVS
Social Representative. As a first year student I am new to AVC, but I am
already inspired by the comradery I feel just walking through the hallways.
As your social rep, I would be committed to keeping this vibe going
throughout the year by hosting events that bring us together as
peers and friends. I believe that it is very important to foster a happy
and healthy social environment at school because let's face it, we will
spend the majority of our time here! Stress is normal but the key is having
fun and safe outlets for that stress, and I will work hard to provide those
for you guys. Overall, I am a Newfie girl who is organized, personable, and
genuinely excited to be a part of AVC and I want to share this excitement
with all of the people around me!

2) Samantha Begin

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Begin and I am a member of the class of
2021 and would like to be considered for the position of SAVS social
representative. In my undergrad I majored in chemistry here at UPEI, but I
am originally from Maine. Throughout my undergrad I was involved in
multiple clubs and organizations that taught me valuable skills in creating
a great social environment for all involved. As your social rep I would do
my best to organize a fun halloween dance, along with many other activities
throughout the year, and act as a liaison between the SAVS committee and
all students at AVC.

Thank you for your consideration,
Samantha Begin

*SAVS Treasurer*

1) Jessica D'Amico

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jessica and I am a 2nd year vet student. I would love for the
opportunity to be your SAVS Treasurer! I have experience being on student
executive positions; I was the Treasurer for my class during my 1st year of
vet school and am currently the Treasurer of my class for 2nd year and for
the Shelter Medicine Club. I am trustworthy, reliable and enjoy being
someone who my peers can count on. In addition to the Treasurer's duties, I
would be sure to act as an organized and dependable leader. I would
consider it a privilege to be part of the SAVS team and am looking forward
to this academic year with everyone!

Jessica D'Amico

2) Dustin Raiffe

Dear Fellow Students,

I am a current 2nd year who is running to be the next SAVS Treasurer. I am
familiar with  the administration, SAVS, and expectations for this position
from my experience as class president last fall and from my tenure as the
treasurer of the aquatics club. I am a hard worker who loves going to
school here, and hopes to have the opportunity to give back.

*Class of 2020 Executive*


1) Erin Rollins

My name is Erin Rollins and I am running for the position of secretary for
the AVC Class of 2020. As your secretary, I will be a good listener and an
organized communicator. My goal will be to stay a few steps ahead of the
game. I will work to follow through quickly and efficiently with all tasks,
so that our class is well informed. I hope I can count on your vote.

*Class of 2021 Executive*


1) Emily Beavers

Hi All!
I'm extremely interested in running for the SAVS Class of 2021 secretary! I
really enjoy being in positions where have an impact on a school
environment. I have multiple experiences as secretary for several
organizations dating back to high school. I was secretary, and then
president for my chapter of the National Art honor society as well as SGA
class secretary in high school. In my undergraduate career I was Class
Secretary for 3 years. I was also service chair and secretary in my
Sorority for 2 years. As a student coming from the US, I feel a little out
of my element here so I feel that really getting involved will make The
AVC, and in extension PEI, feel like home. Thanks everyone! :)

2) Rachel Siddall

My name is Rachel Siddall and I am interested in running for the position
of Class of 2021 Secretary as a way of getting more involved in the
community here at AVC. I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia but I have
spent the last four years doing my Bachelor of Science at Carleton
University in Ottawa, Ontario. While living in Ottawa I worked at a small
animal emergency/general practice and specialty practice where I fell in
love with veterinary medicine and decided to try and become a vet! I have
previously been involved in student organizations in my past life as an
engineering student. I was Secretary (2014) and Vice President (2015) of
the Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering Society at Carleton and I
held a variety of directorships within the Carleton Student Engineering
Society. I would love to make use of the things I learned in these
positions as the secretary for the Class of 2021!

3) Justine MacPherson

Hi everyone!

I'm Justine, and I am from Moncton, New Brunswick. I have a degree in
biology, which I completed during 2 years at St.FX and 2 years at UPEI. I
made the switch to pursue my goal of being accepted to the AVC, and I'm so
thankful that I did. I love Prince Edward Island and I'm so fortunate to
have the chance to spend the next 4 years in this beautiful province. I'm
always up for adventures and making new friends , so please feel free to
join me!
I have always been the type of person to be involved with my school, and to
contribute to the learning community. I love being a part of
something outside of the classroom that contributes to a positive
experience for everyone. I would truly enjoy being the secretary for the
class of 2021 executive. I am organized, attentive, and responsible. I also
am interested in getting to know our class better, and I believe that
becoming secretary would be a good way to achieve this.
Thanks for your time!
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