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Rachel Leigh Lordahl rlordahl at upei.ca
Tue Sep 12 11:28:09 ADT 2017

Good afternoon Class of 2021,

The Nutrition Club is pleased to present our annual Fall Nutrition week
being held next week (September 17th-September 22nd). This event provides
insight into common hot topics in both small and large animal
nutrition led by professionals in the field. We will be hosting AVC staff
as well as outside guests.

The schedule of events is as follows:
1. 9/17/17: PEI Open Farm Day- PEI Agricultural Awareness Committee
2. 9/18/17: Carcass Feeding, Transfuanation, Reduction of Commerical Fruit
in Diets- Mike Maslanka of the National Zoo
3. 9/19/17: Dairy Diets- Daniel Scoot Moore
4. 9/20/17: Raw Food Diets for Cats & Dogs- Dennis Hagel of Carnivora
5. 9/21/17: Feeding Horses with Dental Disease- Dr. Mary McNiven
6. 9/22/17: Nutrition for Vomiting & Diarrhea- Dr. Michelle Evason

We will be providing lunch (at no charge) for those who sign up in advance.
Please see sign up sheets located on your classroom's bulletin board.

Fall Nutrition Week offers a fun and informative look at nutrition! We
encourage your participation and look forward to seeing at lunch! Feel free
to sign up for one, two or all of the lectures! Lectures will be held in
Lecture Theater A during the lunch hour.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions at rlordahl at upei.ca
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Rachel Lordahl
Nutrition Club Vice President
Class of 2019


Rachel L. Lordahl
Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI
DVM Class of 2019 Candidate

*Class of 2019 Secretary*
*Rayne Clinical Nutrition Canada Student Representative*
*Curriculum Committee Student Representative *
*Nutrition Club Vice President*
*Integrative Medicine Club Representative *
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