[Avc2021] Boots in Farm Service Area

Linda Constable lmconstable at upei.ca
Wed Sep 13 10:38:08 ADT 2017

As part of preparation for next week's accreditation visit, we are cleaning
house in Farm Service and we have extra rubber boots that have been left
behind by students.  If you think your boots are here in our garage or by
the student locker area between farm service and the large animal hospital,
you have until Friday morning to get them out of here or they will be
removed for you.

Thank you.

Shawn McKenna DVM PhD DABVP (Dairy)
Associate Professor/Farm Service Chief
Dept of Health Management
Atlantic Veterinary College
Charlottetown PEI
(902)566-0993 <(902)%20566-0993> (Farm Service)
(902)566-6004 <(902)%20566-6004> (Office)


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