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Spencer Greenwood sgreenwood at groupwise.upei.ca
Sat Dec 6 20:47:29 AST 2014

Hi Mike,

Great idea... I look forward to us adding other members to the
team...students, PDF(s), and technicians...

Take care,


Spencer J. Greenwood, PhD, DVM
Professor, Dept. Biomedical Sciences
& Director-Research Scientist with AVC Lobster Science Centre,
Atlantic Veterinary College,
University of Prince Edward Island,
550 University Ave.,
Charlottetown, PEI
Phone: (902)-566-6002
FAX:    (902)-566-0832
AVCLSC:http://projects.upei.ca/lobsterscience/ (
http://projects.upei.ca/lobsterscience/ )
>>> "Michael Van Den Heuvel"  12/06/14 6:51 PM >>>
Hi all, I have created a mailing list email address to facilitate
communication with researchers, partners and students in our NSERC
strategic program

That email address is:   contaminant at lists.upei.ca 

I would like to welcome Kyle Kynsh to the group as he has committed to
starting a PhD in the amphipod/estuarine work starting in Jan. We are
still beating the bushes for other students.

List members are currently

Dounia Daoud - Homarus
Laura Ramsay - PEIFA
Spencer Greenwood - UPEI
Brian Wagner -  UPEI
Simon Courtenay - U Waterloo
Kyle Kynsh - UPEI

Please let me know if this gets to you, and if this is the preferred
email address to this contact. I can add any others to this email list
if there are others that wish to be kept in the loop.


Michael R. van den Heuvel
Canada Research Chair in Watershed Ecological Integrity
Canadian Rivers Institute 
Department of Biology
Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of Prince Edward Island

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