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Dear CVER Colleagues

300 years ago, PEI was covered by mature Acadian forest. This ecosystem is
now listed as endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. Macphail Woods is
working hard to bring Acadian forests back to PEI and they have just
launched a "Restore an Acre" fund raising campaign to support this

Details are provided below, but in a nutshell ... they are hoping to raise
$44,000 to fully restore a 220 acre parcel of land on the Selkirk Road
($200 per acre). I have put some pamphlets about the program on the CVER
front desk and their website is:

Now here is my challenge to you .... I will match (on a $1 : $1 basis) any
funds committed to this program by noon on Monday (up to a maximum of $400
on my part). Joan has kindly offered to collect funds and keep them safe
until then. If you would like to contribute, my preference would be for you
to write a cheque to Macphail Woods and leave it with Joan (this will
facilitate getting charitable tax receipts to everyone). If you leave cash
with Joan, please include a piece of paper with your name and mailing
address for the tax receipt.

I will assemble all of the donations and present them to Macphail Woods as
CVER's Christmas present to the Island.

If I don't happen to see you before the holiday break ... I send you best
wishes for a happy holiday season.


                      Be Part of Something Big Restore an Acre

Hope you’ve had a great year. It has been a wonderful and busy season for
Macphail Woods. Your enthusiasm and support for our work – everything from
donations, and seed collecting to attending workshops and sending you
children to camp – have been invaluable. Thanks for all your contributions.

Today we are launching a new initiative that we are calling Restore an
Acre. The goal of this project is to restore a 220 acre property on the
Selkirk Road, part of the 2000 acres of public land we manage for the
Province. We are asking individuals, businesses and schools to sponsor one
acre for $200, potentially totaling $44,000 of restoration work!
   [image: Watch the Video] <http://vimeo.com/113387313>

All money raised will go directly to restoring the woodlands. We’ll plant
thousands of native trees, shrubs, wild flowers and ferns, prune and
release valuable trees and remove invasive species. That’s a huge
ecological investment made by Islanders for their public forestland.

With your generous donation, you will receive:

   - a charitable tax receipt
   - access to our quarterly E-newsletter with information on all Macphail
   Woods events, including updates and photos of the work being done with your
   - an invitation to a guided walk on the property
   - a beautiful certificate recognizing your contribution

Check out www.macphailwoods.org
more info. If you would like to donate and have questions, please email or
call 902-651-2575. Another way you can help is to share Restore an Acre
with friends and family.
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