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Thu Apr 30 12:20:10 ADT 2015

To the CVER group,
Stata has announced its release of version 14. As UPEI no longer has a
graduate plan for Stata, faculty will need to order their licenses (or
license upgrades) on an individual basis. This is going to get more
costly than with the graduate plan, but substantial savings can be made
by bulk ordering. Unfortunately, the orders will probably have to be
separated based on the desired version (e.g. Stata IC, SE or MP's) and
based on the version we're upgrading from.
In order to get a sense of the gains that may be achieved by bulk
ordering, we suggest that those of us affected submit a brief message
to Jenny before Friday of next week (12:00 pm - May 8th) and explain 
which upgrade or version we're interested in. Upon the aggregation of
the information received, we can then make arrangements for bulk
Please feel free to make any suggestion on different ways of dealing
with Stata 14 orders/upgrades. The relevant weblink for Stata upgrades
is: http://www.stata.com/order/dl/
Jenny (after discussion with Henrik and Ian Dohoo)
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