[CVER] CVER shirts available for ISVEE attendees - please place orders now

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Thu Aug 6 13:55:55 ADT 2015

Hi everyone.

We have samples of the shirts, that we collectively chose for ISVEE,
available for you to look at in Joan's office. There is a men's (short
sleeve) size medium and a women's (3/4 sleeve) size medium ... but no logo
on them yet. The logo will be the CVER logo in navy blue.

The cost of these shirts will be:
$30 + tax if we get between 12 and 23
$26.50 + tax if we get  24+

I am going to subsidize (50%) the cost of shirts for people going to ISVEE
so the costs will be in the $13 to $15 range.

Of course anyone not going to ISVEE is free to order as well.

The shirts are in Joan's office along with a sign-up sheet. Please drop by
and indicate what you would like ordered.


Ian Dohoo
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