[CVER] Intro to Shiny - web app for R - Wednesday, Feb 4

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Fri Jan 30 13:19:31 AST 2015

Subject: Shiny - a web application framework for R

Introduction to Shiny: a web application framework for R
Wednesday Feb 4, 10:30-11:15 am
AVC - 280N (glass common room)

Drs Derek Price and Raphael Vanderstichel will give a short presentation
with a live demo on a freely available and easy to use web application
framework for R (statistical language).  If you have data you want to share
with others, you can easily make simple interactive graphs and maps for
users to explore online.  Some very basic knowledge of R is required to run
the application, but even if you are not comfortable with R, this
application makes it accessible.  You'll be producing interactive
graphs/maps online in no time!

Everyone is invited to join us first for coffee and treats (hosted by the
Centre for Veterinary Epidemiolgical Research - CVER) starting at 10:00 in
room 343N.
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