[CVER] Reminder about Stata 14 orders/upgrades

cver at lists.upei.ca cver at lists.upei.ca
Wed May 6 13:51:38 ADT 2015

To the CVER goup,
This is a reminder that we want your Stata orders/upgrades requests by
Friday (12:00 pm - May 8th). 
If you'd like to have a new purchase, please let me know your desired
Stata 14 flavor ( i.e. Stata/IC, or Stata/SE, or Stata/MP; if MP, also
the number of the cores) and whether you wish to have a DVD ($25)
included (vs. a download delivery).
If you'd like to have an upgrade purchase, please also let me know the
serial number of your current Stata.
For more information, please visit:
http://www.stata.com/order/new/edulicenses (
http://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/volume-licenses/dl/ )/volume-/dl/ (
http://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/volume-licenses/dl/ )
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