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Ian D is wondering your thoughts about the attached for isvee. See note. Please get back to him at dohoo at upei.ca See note below. Note that the cliffs version has been used for a number of years, and so other photo options would not be preferred because the cliffs now have a certain historical "brand" to it. 
John V

Hi everyone

I have not had a lot of feedback on the selection of a standard slide 
template for us to use at ISVEE, but I will show what has come in so far 
(presented anonymously at end of this e-mail).

It seems like the range of options expands to:
1. cliffs with subsequent pages retaining a shaded version of the title 
page (as distributed)
2. cliffs with subsequent pages containing less (perhaps just logos, or 
a reduced image)
3. plain (as distributed)
4. plain but with a bit more colourful shading

Please give this some thought and send your input to me. I will be back 
in PEi on Oct 6th and will probably try to set up a brief meeting for 
later that week to finalize our choice.


***** Input received to date *****

Of the two templates I prefer the cliff one. I really like the title slide - it’s a great picture and the bright colours are attention-catching. However, on body slides the cliff part of the picture seems to take away from slide content, even though it’s faded. Perhaps the cliff could be used on title and summary slides, and other slides have just the water at the bottom? Or maybe the whole image could be shifted left a bit so the cliffs don’t stick out into the slide content so much (again, only on non-title slides)?

my preference is the one with cliffs. So for the rest of the pages we 
will only have the cver and upei logos?

I think that I prefer the 'plain' slide. However it is very 'plain'! - I 
would prefer something a little brighter - perhaps a light blue? I like 
the 'cliff' slides, however the reason that I prefer the plain slide is 
based on  a comment that I remember from the last ISVEE - Someone said 
that they didn't understand why we all had a picture of cliffs on our 
slides - they were wondering what the relevance was to the content of 
the presentation!

I prefer the plain slide. While the cliff slide is quite artistic, I 
think it might detract from the message of our presentations



Ian R. Dohoo DVM PhD FCAHS,  Professor Emeritus - Epidemiology,
Department of Health Management, Atlantic Veterinary College
University of P.E.I., Charlottetown, P.E.I.  C1A 4P3   CANADA
      e.mail <dohoo at upei.ca>
      phone 902-566-0640        FAX 902-620-5053
      http://www.upei.ca/cver      http://www.upei.ca/ver


John VanLeeuwen  D.V.M, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Professor of Epidemiology and Ruminant Health Management
Chairman, Veterinarians without Borders-Canada
Director, Centre for Veterinary Epidemiologic Research
Dept of Health Management
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue, Charlottetown PEI Canada
C1A 4P3
Ph (902) 566-0457
Fax (902) 620-5053 
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