[CVER] Update CVER Member List & Add "News" to CVER Website

cver at lists.upei.ca cver at lists.upei.ca
Fri Aug 26 10:35:47 ADT 2016

Dear CVER members
As we approach the fall semester, it would be good to make sure we have
an updated list of cver members. Please look at the list of recipients
and let me, Jenny Yu, know if you have: 
1) post-docs/students (current or new) that are not on the list
2) former post-docs/students who are no longer here, so should be
removed from the list
To check whether a post-doc/student is on the list, please visit
http://cver.upei.ca/people/ and click "See a full list of CVER
Also, we are looking to add "News" items to our CVER website, so please
forward any newsworthy items. When we have our list of new grad
students, we will include a news item welcoming them to CVER.
Thank you (from me and John VanLeeuwen)
Jenny Yu
e-mail: jennyyu at upei.ca

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