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Tue Feb 23 08:22:14 AST 2016

Hi everyone,

The Epi on the Island summer courses for 2016 hosted by CVER have been 
announced, and the webpage (http://cver.upei.ca/epi-island-2016) is open 
for registration. In this message, we'll explain how local participants 
may most effectively register for a course.

The main message is that you SHOULD NOT register through Eventbrite 
because you can save the costs associated with the Eventbrite 
registration system by registering locally instead. Local faculty, 
including post-docs and research associates, will pay the non-student 
fees, minus approx 15% (amounting to $640 and $940 for Modules 1 and 2, 
respectively, before April 29th, and to $725 and $1020 after April 29th, 
respectively). You register by sending an e-mail to Jenny Yu 
(jennyyu at upei.ca) and by internal transfer of funds to the Epi on the 
Island account. Jenny has the details, and our secretaries (in 
particular, Tracy) can assist. If you nevertheless register through 
Eventbrite, you'll be paying the full fee.

Graduate students have two options for registering, depending on whether 
they want to take to the course for credit or not. Without taking the 
course for credit, the local registration with Jenny works as described 
above, only the course fees are those for students: $425 and $600 before 
April 29th for Modules 1 and 2, respectively, and $510 and $680 after 
April 29th).

Graduate students may take a course for credit within either VHM 831 (2 
modules) or VHM 832 (1 module), assuming they have not already used up 
all their credits in these two courses. In this case, the student should 
register at the Registrar's Office for the VHM course in question in the 
summer semester, in addition to the VHM course being added to the 
student's program. Taking the course for credit also involves handing in 
a course assignment, which will be marked as pass/fail. The deadline for 
the assignment will be sometime later in the summer. The logistics of 
this assignment will be described in more detail in the courses. The 
course fees for students that take the course for credit are $150 and 
$200 for Modules 1 and 2, respectively. This covers only the costs of 
materials, catering, and the course dinner (without any discount for 
both courses). Graduate students that want to take the course(s) for 
credit should contact the course coordinator for VHM 831/832 (Henrik) 
before registering at the Registrar's Office and with Jenny as described 

We hope these arrangements are clear and sound reasonable. Henrik is 
happy to answer any questions you might have.

- Javier and Henrik

Henrik Stryhn
Professor in biostatistics
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown PE C1A 4P3, Canada
phone:    1-902-894-2847
fax:      1-902-566-0823
e-mail:   hstryhn at upei.ca
internet: people.upei.ca/hstryhn

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