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Subject: accommodations visiting students from Uruguay and Cuba
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Hi Tracy and Jenny,

Could you distribute this email to the faculty and cver list?
Thank you


I have two visiting students, one from Uruguay (Cecilia) and one from Cuba
(Yosdany) that will be spending between 4 and 6 months with us at CVER from
the end of December /beginning of January until April and June.

They will need accommodations and would like to be in touch with somebody
might have room to share. Here are their emails so you can contact them

Cecilia: ceciliamiraballes10 at gmail.com
Yosdany: yosdany at censa.edu.cu

Thank you

Javier Sanchez, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor Epidemiology
Atlantic Veterinary College
550 Univ. Ave
C1A 4P3, PE

tel +1 902.566.0803 <(902)%20566-0803>
fax +1 902.620.5053 <(902)%20620-5053>

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