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Wed Feb 15 09:44:26 AST 2017

Hi all,

I would like to remind you about the upcoming CAVEPM conference and try to
submit an abstract for this year's conference in Calgary.

AVC did not send many students to last year's meeting for several reasons
but maybe this year we can make an effort to send more  grad.
students/post-docs to this meeting.

CAVEPM is the annual epi event in Canada and bring together an active group
of individuals working in the area applied population health. This event
not only give the opportunity to know what other groups are doing but also
to provide some time for networking  for future projects and job
opportunities for grad students and post-docs.

CAVEPM has made available $1250 to help covering travelling costs for AVC
graduate students. This amount will be divided equally according to the
number of students making a presentation at the conference

The deadline for abstract submission is March 1st (details can be found at
http://projects.upei.ca/cavepm/  under CAVEPM 2017 Conference and click on
the conference website link)

Please let me know if you want to get more details about this.

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