[CVER] Stata 15 upgrades/new purchases

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Tue Jun 20 09:06:33 ADT 2017

To the CVER group,

Stata has announced its release of version 15. We are currently preparing
for bulk orders for our group members in the same way we did last bulk
purchases of Stata about two years ago. If you have Stata 14 or earlier
version and wish to upgrade your Stata, or if you don't have Stata and
would like to make a new purchase, please send an email to jennyyu at upei.ca
before Tuesday of next week (5:00 pm - Jun 27) indicating:

1. whether it's a new purchase or upgrade;

2. your current Stata version and flavor (such as Stata 14/MP 2-core, or Stata
14/SE, or Stata 14/IC, or Stata 13/SE, or. Stata 13/IC, or...) and your
Stata serial number if you are upgrading your Stata. To determine the Stata
version and flavor, and Stata serial number to be upgrated,  just type:
about in the Stata Command window, or you can find them once you launch
your Stata;

3. what flavor of Stata 15 you wish to purchase or upgrade to (such as:
Stata/IC, or Stata/SE, or Stata/MP 2-core, or Stata/MP 4-core, or Stata/MP

Upon the aggregation of the information received, we can then make
arrangement for bulk orders. This way, we will receive all appropriate
volume discounts from StataCorp. The relevant weblink for Stata
upgrades/new purchases is: http://www.stata.com/order/dl/.

Please feel free to add any comments or make any suggestions on the
upgrades/new purchases of Stata 15.

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