[CVER] Reminder: Stata 15 upgrades/new purchases

cver at lists.upei.ca cver at lists.upei.ca
Mon Jun 26 17:27:03 ADT 2017

To the CVER goup,

This is a reminder that we want your Stata 15 orders/upgrades requests by
Tuesday (5:00 pm - Jun 27). Please indicate:

1. whether it's a new purchase or upgrade;

2. your current Stata version and flavor (such as Stata 14/MP 2-core,
or Stata 14/SE, or Stata 14/IC, or Stata 13/SE, or. Stata 13/IC, or...)
and your Stata serial number if you are upgrading your Stata.

3. what flavor of Stata 15 you wish to purchase or upgrade to (such
as: Stata/IC, or Stata/SE, or Stata/MP 2-core, or Stata/MP 4-core,
or Stata/MP 6-core)

The relevant weblink for Stata upgrades/new purchases is:


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